Interior design apartments in a building

description | process

Objective: Develop interior design project apartment with a total area of ​​80 sq.m. for a young family of two people with maximum preservation through gaps.


The hall provides only ottoman and hooks, as just left of the front door there prostoranaya dressing.

On the wall there is a hanger for all


Living room and kitchen unites.

For an island for dining and cooking


Instead of watching TV, according to customer requirements, install the projector. Projection screen suspended from the ceiling and deployed as needed.

You can watch lying on the couch or sitting on a stool


View of the kitchen area from the living room



Shower can be taken sitting



Small work space on the balcony



Write on or call +38 (099) 566-74-35  / +7 (978) 750-37-60 to consult or order the project.
More details about the development of a design project can be found here.

Working group:

Art director:
Meddi Umarov

Vera Serbina

Alexander Smirnov

Project manager:
Oleg Bondar

Date: 20.01.2014

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