Interior design apartments in the residential complex

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Objective: to develop interior design project apartment with a total area of 105 sq.m. for a family of four (2 adults-e, 2nd children of different sexes) and the little dog :)


Living room, hall and kitchen-dining room combined into one large space.

Large sofa for a large company


Since only one in the room window which illuminates the room is not enough, there are additional skylights and doors with frosted windows providing natural light penetration.

large sofa


Area for cooking


The hall has a built-in wardrobe and a place for family pet Yashki.


Children's bathroom.

Taking bath and admire the panorama of Yalta


Children's room is separated by a sliding partition. Brightness dimmable downlights regulated.

room boy


girls room


You can sit on the windowsill


The bathroom doors for hidden washer and dryer.

Toilet and bidet


Shower for two


Mirror on the wall



Small work space beside the bed


It offers a great view of the sea


Transoms from the bedroom



Write on or call +38 (099) 566-74-35  / +7 (978) 750-37-60 to consult or order the project.
More details about the development of a design project can be found here.

Working group:

Art director:
Meddi Umarov

Vera Serbina

Alexander Smirnov

Designer and visualizer:
Tatiana Levshina

Project manager:
Oleg Bondar

Date: 14.04.2014

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