Kitchen interior design, living room and hallway in a private home

description | process

Objective: Develop a conceptual design project interior a spacious kitchen and living room with bay window, as well as the hallway in a private house on the Trubachenko street in Simferopol.


Kitchen-dining room

Provided a window unit


Tiles on the floor in the work area and laminate flooring in the dining


dining area


Living room design formed around pre-purchased couch.

Wall TV


The hall does not provide any wardrobe, as the house has a large dressing room.

The central entrance and the door to the cabinet




Doors to cloakroom and bathroom



Write on or call +38 (099) 566-74-35  / +7 (978) 750-37-60 to consult or order the project.
More details about the development of a design project can be found here.

Working group:

Art director:
Meddi Umarov

Vera Serbina

Alexander Smirnov

Project manager:
Oleg Bondar

Date: 09.03.2014

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