The concept of pre-fabricated cafe «Floris»

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Objective: Create a concept of prefabricated cafe, which is suitable both for installation in open-air festivals, and to install it in the shopping malls.
Target audience: 20-40 years (middle class), people who appreciate a healthy lifestyle, purity lovers of good nutrition, interesting design solutions, active young people, lovers of the bright holiday and festivals, fans iPhone
Approximate size: 9-18 sq.m.
Color preferences: eco-color, white, green, light wood, blue.
1. Coffee should be easy to install and understand. To be protected from rain and wind (in the case of placing it on the street). Comfortable floor, if the bar is set on the pebbles or sand.
2. Cost-effective lighting.
3. Placing the shelves with TM «Floris» products for sale (30 tea products), as well as shelves with souvenirs.
4. Place for placing confectionery: about 25 species.
5. Convenient and easy sign-up menu.
6. Convenient storage of goods to store: a box of tea, confectionery, household goods, glasses, water and so on.
7. Convenient placement of goods under the bar, and on it, for the rapid collection order (McDonald's on analog) for two bartenders. Placement within arm's reach: 20 choices of teas, cups (for hot and cold tea), sugar (2 types), meshalochki, bags, plastic gloves, a cash register, an additive for tea (spices, ginger, mint, milk) waste bins, shelves, and a mini refrigerator.
8. Placing tea samples in a prominent place so that visitors can appreciate the quality and flavor.
9. 6 seats for visitors at the bar.
10. Accommodation equipment: coffee machine, two boilers, two ice maker and electric kettle.
11 bar Safety: an opportunity to close it at night (blinds or alternative).
12. Designated accommodation confectionery products (glass jars, glass stand that can be mounted on the bar).

Client: Herbal teas Floris

Working group:

Art director:
Meddi Umarov

Vera Serbina

Alexander Smirnov

Project manager:
Oleg Bondar

Date: 16.06.2014

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