Inkerman 3D visualization


OOO " Inkerman Winery " - the wineries located in Inkerman (Crimea, Sevastopol).
Problem: Reconstruction and landscaping front part of the plant, as well as the development of the draft proposals for the establishment of summer cafe and recreation areas for tourists and visitors to plant on the site of the former playground.
Solution: The facade of the plant has historical value - the plant is built on the basis of underground workings (formerly mined here building stone) and white plates, which is faced with building were mined here. It was decided to preserve the historical appearance of the plant and make accents using wooden elements characteristic winery. Were provided wooden Pergale recreation areas, which protect from the scorching sun, as well as the cashier who will sell tickets for wine tours (currently sold on entrance to the factory).
For tourists waiting for their guides were provided recreation areas and summer terrace cafe. Which are made in the same style as the exterior part of the plant with maximum comfort for visitors.

Working group:

Art director:
Meddi Umarov

Designer and visualizer:
Alexander Smirnov

Project manager:
Oleg Bondar

Date: 27.01.2014

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